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Quito Museum Tour

Quito has numerous interesting and fascinating museums that can accompany your city tour. Depending on your interests, art, history or religion, Quito has it all!. You can choose one museum to accompany your tour and you will have an experience that you will never forget where you will experience Quito at its fullest. Among the most interesting museums, we can number: Casa Museo Maria Augusta Urrutia, Casa Benalcazar, San Francisco, Casa Sucre, Guayasamin, Museo Manuela Saenz, Museo de la Ciudad, Banco Central, Museo San Agustin and Kingman.

You can find a full description of all museums in our “ATTRACTIONS” section.

Difficult: Easy Group: Any Family: Yes Duration: 6 Hours

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  • We will drive through Quito's colonial city. In our fascinating tour we will visit 2 of the 7 viewpoints of the city: Guapulo and Panecillo; you will visit some of the churches including the Basilica, Cathedral, Compañía and San Francisco. We will walk along four important squares called “plazas”: Garcia Moreno, Benalcazar, Grande and San Francisco, we can admire the Presidential palace and to feel Quito at its best, we will walk down the street of La Ronda where you will hear and learn of the city’s most interesting legends.

    We will adjust our route to fit the museum of your interest along the way.
    • Bilingual guide English/Spanish (we also offer German and French speaking guides)
    • Transportation
    • All entrances: Cathedral, Compañía and Panecillo and museum of interest

    • Lunch
    • Tips

  • Casa Museo Maria Augusta Urrutia / Category: History

    This is an antique house which is listed as part of the city's national heritage. It belonged to Maria Augusta Urrutia, a distinguished lady from Quito's high society, who lived from 1901 to 1987. She dedicated her life to charity for those in need. In the museum, there are everyday objects dating back to the 19th and early 20th Century that were typically used in the houses of Quito's aristocracy.

    Casa de Benalcazar / Category: History

    Located in the heart of the Historical Center, and very easy to access, this old house is listed as one of the city's National Heritage sites. Its construction dates back to the 18th Century and it was built on the same site where Sebastian de Benalcazar had lived two centuries before. Today this place houses the Instituto Ecuatoriano de Cultura Hispanica, which also contains a historical library.

    Convento y Museo de San Francisco / Category: Relihion & Art

    Alongside, the temple of San Francisco of Quito, there is a magnificent art museum that carries around 4000 objects including sculptures, linen cloths and furniture.

    Museo Casa de Sucre / Category: History

    This old corner house, with its long hallways and balconies, is located in the historical center of the city. It belonged to the Major-General Antonio Jose de Sucre, distinguished and courageous man who participated in the Independence struggles. This house was the residence of his wife Mariana Carcelen, Marchioness of Solanda, with whom he had a daughter who died at a young age. After the assassination of Major-General Sucre, his widow re-married to General Isidro Barriga. Sucre bought the house from his father in law and ordered its restoration, but was never able to live in it.
    Today it is a military museum that brings to life the period of pro- independence struggle. In every room you are able to sense the atmosphere of daily life for the wealthy families of the time.

    Museo Guayasamin / Category: Contemporary Art

    Located in a northern residential part of the city, this spacious building comprises the Casa, Fundacion Museo Oswaldo Guayasamin a tribute to the best known Ecuadorian artist of modern times. This artist's work is a flag-bearer of social realism that has traveled the globe. The museum brings together several stages of his artistic career. A great portion of his pictorial work can be found here, including one of the most ambitious works in the world - the Capilla del Hombre, a temple which portrays the different facets of the tragedy of Latin-American man since the arrival of the Spanish in America.

    Museo Manuela Saenz / Category: History

    Located in the heart of old Quito, this museum safeguards the memories of Manuela Saenz, one of Quito's illustrious daughters, who played an important political and military role during the wars of Independence in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. After the death of her lover, Simon Bolivar, in 1830, she was deported to Jamaica for political reasons. She lived in exile in Paita, a small coastline town in Peru where she died in 1856. She is called the "Liberator of the Liberator." This museum contains her history, paintings, stamps and personal effects.

    Museo de la Ciudad / Category: History & Art

    This historic building dates back to the 16th Century. From 1565 to 1973, it was the Hospital de la Misericordia y Caridad, and later became the San Juan de Dios Hospital. Nowadays it houses the Museo de la Ciudad (the city museum). Different rooms depict the day-to-day life of the city, from before the arrival of the Spanish, to the present time. Through figures, maps, utensils and ceramics, visitors may learn how the traditions, customs and ways of living in Quito have changed and evolved over time.

    Museo del Banco Central / Category: History & Art

    This impressive museum contains a substantial collection of pre-Columbian, colonial art in one wing, and contemporary art in the other. It is an ideal museum to get an overall picture of the history of Ecuador, from the very first inhabitants, through the conquest, the colonial and republican periods, up to the contemporary period. The exhibition includes ancient pieces, sculptures, paintings, utensils and all sorts of objects and art pieces from the first Ecuadorian settlers.

    Museo de San Agustin / Category: Religion & Art

    This museum is located on the first floor of the Convento de San Agustin, right in the heart of the old city. On exhibit is a huge collection of paintings attributed to artists mostly from the Quito school, but also from other periods and schools. Artists include such noteworthy names as Miguel de Santiago y Gorivar. The themes are predominantly religious.

    Posada de las Artes Kingman / Category: Contemporary Art

    Located in a residential area of the city, the Galeria Posada de las Artes Kingman has become one of the most important galleries of contemporary art, not only in Quito, but in the whole country. Their four exhibition rooms are spacious and well designed, allowing artists to show their works and the public to view them under the best conditions. The gallery hosts travelling exhibitions, but it also has a permanent one with pieces by the late artist Eduardo Kingman, one of the most revered painters in Ecuador, and after whom the gallery is named. They also organize exhibitions of jewelry.

    Museo Alberto Mena y Caamano / Category: Histoty & Art

    The building once belonged to the Jesuits and subsequently to Royal Barracks of Lima. In its dungeons Spanish troops executed the rebels of the independence movements. This fact was recreated by some wax figures. It also contains important 16th century works.


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