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Guayaquil City + Historical Park Tour

The historical park is one of the most important parts of the city. There you can learn about the city’s history and go back to the golden age of Guayaquil. Here, you can also see different species of flora and fauna.

Difficult: Easy Group: Any Family: Yes Duration: 4 1/2 Hours

  • The city tour in Guayaquil consists of various panoramic visits and walks through the city. A first stop will be done at the Administration Plaza, around which you will observe the City Hall, the Sucre Monument and finally the Seminario Park, also known as the Iguana Park.

    Later on, we will take you to the Southern Malecon 2000 where you will appreciate the Integration Plaza with its famous Southern Marketplace or Cristal Palace and then connect to the Plaza Olmedo dedicated to the recognized Guayaquil poet and ex president Jose Joaquin de Olmedo.

    Our third stop (the largest one) will allow us to see different important monuments of the city, all viewed from the Morisca Tower. Among them, we will see the monument of the 4 elements of the Planet. Then we will walk toward the Rotonda Monument with the statues of Simon Bolivar and San Martin. We will then see, with a panoramic view, the rest of the Malecon 2000, with its restaurants and recreation places for children. Optionally you can visit the garden area of the Malecon where you can see many tropical plants such as : Teca, Guaba, Mango, helechos, bromelias, ficus, and almendra.

    After the visit of the Malecón, we will take you to the neighborhood of Las Peñas, the oldest part of the city in which you will have the opportunity to climb the numerous steps that lead to the Cerro Santa Ana where you can see Guayaquil and the Guayas river at their best.

    Finally we will end our tour at the Flower Marketplace with its colourful different kind of flowers.

    After the City tour, you will enjoy a visit to the Historical Park, in which you will live an experience from the Antic Guayaquil with its characters, traditions and architecture. Located only at 30 minutes from Guayaquil, the Historical park is divided in 3 parts on 8 hectares of field:

    The wild life zone:

    Mixed of fauna and flora belonging to the local ecosystem and re-introduced animal species in danger of extinction. This area of the park intents to recreate their natural environment.

    The traditional zone:

    Sample of the rural architecture, homemade tools and others objects from the traditional rural way of life. In that zone you will also find a typical hacienda and its mini-plantations featuring many plants that were exported at that time which contributed at great length to the wealth of the country (coffee, cacao, banana and cotton.)

    The urban zone:

    Shows the way of life in Guayaquil during the 1900’s, with all the architectural and construction elements of the Public Plaza and Malecon as it was back at that time.
    • Bilingual guide English/Spanish (we also offer German and French speaking guides)
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    • Tips
    • Entrance to the Historical Park, its price varies according to the day of operation

  • Seminario Park

    Seminario Park is not your typical city park. Seminario, located on 10 de Agosto Avenue and Chile, is home to dozens of Iguanas, some of which approach 5 feet in length. There seems to be hundreds of the monstrous, yet docile, reptiles lurking all over. Every afternoon, workers bring fruit and vegetable scraps to lure the Iguanas from the trees so that onlookers may watch them descend for a snack! A pond filled with colorful Japanese Tilapia fish and the equestrian statue of Simon Bolívar located in the center of the park, are two more reasons to visit the park.


    Number of Passengers 1 2 3 4-9 10-15
    City Tour + Historical Park 4 1/2 hours $94 $57 $43 $37 $29
    *includes bilingual guide

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Excellent service. Helpful, accommodating, professional. Would highly recommend to others.
Willis Sanders, USA

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